Prospective Pathway Futures use the Better Futures Outcomes Star to record evidence of guided progress and achievement in key areas of growth and challenge.

Our support workers provide our clients with valuable advice, guidance and direction that will enable them to succeed in their journeys towards independence. We aim to provide every client with the social, economic and emotional independence necessary for them to thrive in independence.

Better Futures is a web-based IT tool and outcomes framework designed to enable housing support service providers to record an individual’s support needs over a period.

The online tool is also able to produce reports from the data held to enable organisations to measure the outcomes of their work with service users.

PPF is the latest organisation to adopt the Better Futures system.

Regulators, service commissioners, service managers and people using services have all expressed enthusiasm for the system, citing the way the system presents a person’s progress as well as the powerful reporting tool as particularly important features.

In the run up to the launch of Better Futures Outcomes Framework the Scottish Care Inspectorate issued the following statement:

The Care Commission has supported the development of Better Futures. It provides a system for people using care services to identify their own support goals and review their own achievements as well as being a tool to monitor how well the care service itself is performing. Better Futures can be used as a source of evidence in quality assurance and self-assessments, to demonstrate that the care service involves service users in their own support and care planning.

The Better Futures framework is organised around 5 goals:



Safety & Security

Social and Economic Wellbeing


Within each of these goals sit 20 aspects of life which a person may need support with e.g. security of tenure, addictions, domestic abuse. Each one can be scored in terms of targets agreed as part of a support plan and actual situation at reviews.

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