Having somewhere safe, stable and comfortable to live which you can call home is an essential human need.

Once that need is met people have the potential to make progress on other aspects of their life, build their confidence and resilience, experience better health, and make positive contributions to family and community.

We believe that the individualised support plan we provide has a key role to play in helping rough sleepers, the homeless and the vulnerably housed exercise choice and control over their lives and empower them to live as independently as possible.

Within this context we are committed to an approach which meets homelessness and rough sleeping with access to safe and secure housing with individualised support plans.

Prospective Pathway Futures provides a high-quality housing and individualised support service for complex vulnerable adults with a mental health, addiction or offending behaviour need.

We offer a high-quality service by offering a safe, secure and comfortable environment which enables the individuals to progress to independent living.

We pride ourselves on creating a community where individuals will come from rough sleeping and homelessness to achieve outcomes by developing their own skills.

What are Multiple and Complex Needs?

An individual is considered to have Multiple & Complex Needs (also known as Multiple Disadvantages) when they are currently experiencing two or more of the following:


Mental Health Difficulties

Substance Misuse

Risk of Re-offending

It is estimated that 58,000 people in England experience Multiple & Complex needs per year.

The Challenges of Support we face.

Support for people with Multiple and Complex Needs can often be disjointed and uncoordinated, with organisations who have the specialised knowledge to provide help and support for each area of need working in isolation from each other.

This can at times hinder access to the right services for those who need it and can become frustrating for the Service User, as they explain the same information to multiple services and struggle to navigate a complex system.

Combined with a lack of lived experience and understanding of the issues being faced, this can lead to those who need support being treated as someone with many discreet and isolated needs rather than as a whole person.

At PPF we treat the individual as a whole person and ensure that all their requirements are attended to and addressed. We challenge those services that discriminate against those that have multiple and complex needs.

Our Mission

To provide high quality housing and support for vulnerable complex adults who experience vulnerability through rough sleeping and homelessness. We aim to improve standards across the sector through information sharing and partnership with other relevant organisations. It our mission to play our part to make rough sleeping a thing of the past.

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